Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More from Lemanaghan Parish

Subject: Claffey entries re Lemanaghan Parish posted October 2009. A fellow-researcher has shared the info below.

I refer to the above, further research from my records and comparing to entries on the Claffey Site, I am able to add some more information.

Any births with parents Denis Claffey & Mary Carroll, the address is Corrmore.
Births with parents John Claffey & Bridget Digan, address is Kilnagoonly.
Births with parents John Claffey & Elixabeth Mooney, address is Grogan.
Any births with parents Thomas Claffey & Mary Coughlan, address is Clonaderg.

An entry of marriage 12/02/1855 as follows Dyonyis Claffey & Ann Carroll is not correct, should be Denis Claffey & MARY Carroll and address is Corrmore.

20/06/1872 Michael, Esker, Stonemason, 40 yrs old, married, cause of death "Typhia".

16/07/1869 Brigid Claffey, Clonaderg, Widow, 88 yrs old, cause of death "Old age".

17/10/1869 Maria Claffey, Ferbane, Single, Smith's daughter, Aged 21 yrs, cause of death "Phthisis".

26/08/1871 Daniel Claffey, Ferbane, Aged 17 yrs, Smith's son, cause of death " Phthisis".

20/11/1867 Mary Claffey, Clonaderg, Labourer, widow, aged 72 yrs, cause of death "old age".

28/04/1867 Brigid Claffey, Springpark, Farmers daughter, aged 13 yrs, cause of death "erysipelas".

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