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Westmeath, Ireland books

Book title: "South Westmeath Farm and Folk" by Jeremiah Sheehan, Published 1978 by Blackwater Press, Dublin.
Items of interest from the above book for Claffey researchers are as follows:

page 141 The parish priest had an aversion to the excessive drinking on fair days and forbade his parishoners to enter a public house . He prevailed on some business people in Moate to provide other refreshments and Mr. Claffey's establishment served tea, bread and soup and was well patronized. (This took place @ 1880)

page 183 Charles Claffey of Knockdominy, Moate was a frequent cattle prize winner from 1846-1860 at the Moate Agricultural Show.

page 297 In 1846 Kieran Claffey of Banoges, Moate won prizes at the Moate Agricultural Fair for Crop Husbandry and Farm Improvement.

page 299 In 1848 Charles Claffey of Ballinamudagh won the prize for the Best Calved Heifer in the category of Farmers with Less than Fifty Acres of Land. (I do not know whether this refers to Old Irish Acres, Irish Acres, or English Acres, which as best I can figure out differ widely.)

Also at the 1848 fair Kieran Claffey of Banoges won the prizes for Best Three Hogget Ewes, Best Cultivated Crop of Beans, and Best Boar. (The townland is spelled Banogues elsewhere in the text.)

page 310 Kieran Claffey, Banoges, Moate, was born in Kilgarvin, Ballinahown about 1792. He worked as a gardener at Moyvoughly House and in 1832 he married Miss Whittaker of Banoges, Moate, and with whom he inherited 10-1/2 acres of good land. Kieran was an intelligent man and profited from his stay in Moyvoughly. Right through the first period of Moate Show his name appears every year, amongst the prize-winners for crop husbandry, sheep and pigs and was second on two occasions for the Society's medal for the best managed farm under fifty acres. He was also a prize-winner at local ploughing matches. He died in 1888 aged 96 years, being outlived by his wife who reached the great age of 106 years. His grand-daughter, Miss Margaret Claffey lived until recently on the farm that he managed so well at Banoges. (This paragraph is taken directly from the text.)

page 311 Charles Claffey farmed 24 acres and was a regular prize winner at the Agricultural Fairs which were held from 1840 to 1862.

page 317 Cattle prizes were won by Thomas Claffey, Baltrasna, Moate, at the fairs which were held from 1928 – 1932.

page 319 Jack Claffey was a Moate Show Committee member in 1946.

page 325 In 1861 Kieran Claffey, Bonoges, won Second prize in the "Ploughing Match for Farmers with Under 50 Acres (This is the third variation of the spelling of this Townland.)

page 387 Moate businesses in 1881 included: James Claffey, Draper; James Claffey, Grocery & Spirit Dealer; James Claffey, Ironmonger & Hardware.

Page 391 Moate businesses in 1928 included James Claffey, Draper, Main Street.


Book Title: "Moate, County Westmeath, A History of the Town and District" by Liam Cox, published Athlone, 1981.

The ex-Cromwellians in 1659 were 'tituladoes' or persons of standing, in their respective townlands and with their families, relatives and planters, who came to Ireland from 1656 onwards, formed a new English population. In Clonlonan barony they numbered about 123 adults and were 'settled' among some 917 native Irish—tradesmen and labourers—who had survived the 'destructions' at the end of the war. The principal Irish names and numbers were: Fury 15, Daly 10, McLoughlin 10, Claffey 10, Kelly 7, Coughlan 7, Moran 6, O'Dully 5, Dillon 5, Killeen 5, Riley 5, Naughton 5.The first Mulleady in Moate, Patrick, came from near Lismoyney between Kilbeggan and Clara, as a gardener employed by the Robinson family of Aghanarget House. About 1770 he married according to family tradition a Miss Claffey, who was also employed in Aghanarget House, and died 6 June 1802 aged seventy-seven. He was buried in Mount Temple leaving two sons: John and Patrick.

At the summer assizes Mary Claffey was indicted for setting fire to the house of James Farrell of Boggagh, but was acquitted. (This was in 1827.)

An epidemic of cholera occurred in 1832 in Athlone and Moate. The poorer people suffered so severely from starvation and illness. . . the government appointed a Commission of Inquiry. In October 1834 the hearing was attended by . . . Daniel Claffey, labourer. . .

From the townland of Boggagh at least a dozen persons left for America between May 1870 and May 1873. Those who left Boggah included William Claffey . . . who appears to have returned since he was married at home just before the Xmas of 1887.

In 1881, or early in 1882, a branch of the Land League was established at Mount Temple. The members' register has survived. The President was John Egan . . . The Committee included . . . James Claffey . . .

The Parkwood Ambush: In October 1920 Faheeran, in Tubber parish, county Offaly, was in the Athlone Brigade area and had an interested and efficient group of Volunteers—E Company of the 1st Battalion. . . . It was decided to ambush the convoy at Parkwood. About eleven in the forenoon members of the Flying Column assembled at the appointed place and included: . . .Tommy Claffey, ex-British soldier and his brother, Paddy, of Faheeran. . .One Volunteer was restrained by Tommy Claffey from stepping out on the road as the first tender appeared over the hill.. . . Two Tans, who sheltered on the off-side of the first lorry, appeared on the road and Tommy Claffey fired twice at them without effect.

John Claffey, a leading merchant in the town, was arrested when seditious documents were found on his premises, in a box belonging to Conn Costelloe one of his employees. Claffey was detained in Athlone barracks for a week. (Most other accounts of this arrest say James Claffey, not John.)

1832 Voters—Moate and District: James Claffy, Boggagh

1825 Tithe Rental-Town of Moate—James Claffey

1825 Tithe Rental-Clara Road, Killeenboylegan townland: Martin Claffey

Inscriptions from Kilcleagh old churchyard:

Hugh Claffey d. 7 June 1780 aged 57. Erected by his son, Peter Claffey.

John Claffey d. 2 June 1763 age 36. (More illegible).

Daniel Claffey d. 14 July 1799 aged 62 and his wife, Ann Claffey, alias Linnan, d. 13 Feb. aged 90. (Rest sunk.)

Moate businesses 1914: James Claffey, general draper, grocer, wine and spirit, hardware and general provisions merchant.

1922 Registered Elector: John Claffey of Moategranoge, Moate.