Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thomas (Black Tom) Claffey

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Thomas Claffey of Ireland, NY, Canada, PA
The great-great-grandaughter of Thomas Claffey has shared the following information with us.

Thomas Claffey (Black Tom) came to New York from Bray, Ireland and married Elizabeth Callahan, daughter of James Callahan. Elizabeth Callahan was born in Ireland but lived in Rochester, NY. Thomas and Elizabeth settled in Rome. NY for a while where their son James Claffey was born. After this they were in Acton, Ontario for a few years where Black Tom sold lumber to the railroad barons who built the Grand Trunk RR and others. Later the family settled in the Sharon and Newcastle areas of NY PA and their son Thomas, Jr. lived his adult life in Cleveland, Ohio. Susan, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth married William Howley and Susan's great-grandaughter lives in the Courtland area of New York.

Henrietta Claffey, daughter of James Claffey and Elizabeth Hermann, married John Joseph Green in Sharon, PA and had John Frederick Green and Edward William Green. Marguerite (not Margaret) Claffey married Edward Hagan of Sharon, PA and had no children. Elmer Claffey of Erie, PA married a Miss Donovan and they had twins Mary Ruth & Margie, James, and Helen Leigh Claffey.
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