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Thomas (Black Tom) Claffey

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Thomas Claffey of Ireland, NY, Canada, PA
The great-great-grandaughter of Thomas Claffey has shared the following information with us.

Thomas Claffey (Black Tom) came to New York from Bray, Ireland and married Elizabeth Callahan, daughter of James Callahan. Elizabeth Callahan was born in Ireland but lived in Rochester, NY. Thomas and Elizabeth settled in Rome. NY for a while where their son James Claffey was born. After this they were in Acton, Ontario for a few years where Black Tom sold lumber to the railroad barons who built the Grand Trunk RR and others. Later the family settled in the Sharon and Newcastle areas of NY PA and their son Thomas, Jr. lived his adult life in Cleveland, Ohio. Susan, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth married William Howley and Susan's great-grandaughter lives in the Courtland area of New York.

Henrietta Claffey, daughter of James Claffey and Elizabeth Hermann, married John Joseph Green in Sharon, PA and had John Frederick Green and Edward William Green. Marguerite (not Margaret) Claffey married Edward Hagan of Sharon, PA and had no children. Elmer Claffey of Erie, PA married a Miss Donovan and they had twins Mary Ruth & Margie, James, and Helen Leigh Claffey.
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Misc. Claffey/Claffy/Claffee people

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Frank J. Claffee born 8 Feb 1900 at Waterbury, CT, died 13 Feb 1974 Ellisville, Jones, MS, married 14 Mar 1930 to Ila Leona Parks born 8 Feb 1902 daughter of Robert Leroy Parks and Leila May Randall. Female child Frances Claffee born 3 Mar 1932 in New Orleans, LA, died 20 Nov 1958, buried Ellisville, Jones, MS.

Frederick Claffey b @ 1874, married Alta Thacker born 1878 daughter of James Thacker and Catherine Alice Sheffer. Children twins Pauline Claffey and Irene Claffey born 1902.

Harry James Claffey born 28 May 1888 at Lockbourne, Franklin Co., OH, died 8 Jul 1967 at Seminole, FL, buried Memorial Park, Pinellas Co., FL, married on 7 Nov 1914 in Ohio to Mary Bell McFadden born 1 Oct 1895 in Marysville, Union Co, OH died 27 July 1979, Hornell, NY, buried Memorial Park, Pinellas Co. FL daughter of Laurence West McFadden and Ethel Belle Kinney. This Claffey couple had three girls and three boys.

Sophia A. Claffy was born around 1856 in New York City and married John L. Utter born 1852 in CT. Their child was Sarah S. Utter born 1886 in New York.

Thomas Ralph Claffy born 1882 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL, died March 1968 Evanston, IL, buried in Chicago, married Olga Isabelle Carbin.

William C. Claffey born 21 Mar 1877 in Carlock, IL married Ida Belle Stephens b 1 Sep 1885 Carlock, Woodford, IL.

Mary Claffey born 1863 in Co. Meath, Ireland, married Matthew Manning, died Mulligar, Co Westmeath, Ireland, children: Ellen Manning Murray b 1891, Catherine Manning b 1892, Kathleen Manning b 1893, and Patrick Manning b 1898, all children born in Ireland.

John Claffey born around 1791 in Ireland, married Catharine Tully born 1795 in Ireland, child Bridget Claffey born 1817 in Ireland. Bridget married first Luke Shelney b 1813 in Ireland and second Bryan McKean, Jr. in Rutland, Castleton Co., VT.

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Connecticut Claffy Civil War Photo

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On left-John Claffy of CT (father of Keron)
On right-Could be his brother Bill Claffy (who possibly moved to Maryland)

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Burials in NSW, Western Australia, etc.


East Perth, Western Australia
Claffey, Catherine Elizabeth Mary d Sep 1 1896 26 y
Claffey, Frances Margaret Mary Jos. d Jun 16 1908 29y
Claffey, James Henry d Aug 28 1901 45 y
Claffey, Jane d Oct 24 1894 60 y
Claffey, Jane d Aug 25 1887 19y
Claffey, Patrick d Mar 12 1882 73 y
Claffey, Thomas d Jul 17 1884 19 y

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, Matraville, NSW
Claffey, Jessie May d Nov 30 1982 age 80
Claffey, Mary d Mar 27 1948 age 76
Claffey, Patrick d Aug 20 1988 age 82
Claffey, Patrick Joseph d May 25 1936 age 68

Geelong Eastern Cemetery
Alfred Simon Claffey d Nov 30 2001
Maria Eileen Claffey d Mar 22 2002

Heywood Cemetery, Victoria
Margaret Claffey b 5 May 1912 d 26 Dec 1998 age 86

South Australia
Catherine Claffey d 1874
Cecelia Claffey d 1894
James Claffey d 1875
John Claffey d 1927
Thomas Claffey d ?

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More from Lemanaghan Parish

Subject: Claffey entries re Lemanaghan Parish posted October 2009. A fellow-researcher has shared the info below.

I refer to the above, further research from my records and comparing to entries on the Claffey Site, I am able to add some more information.

Any births with parents Denis Claffey & Mary Carroll, the address is Corrmore.
Births with parents John Claffey & Bridget Digan, address is Kilnagoonly.
Births with parents John Claffey & Elixabeth Mooney, address is Grogan.
Any births with parents Thomas Claffey & Mary Coughlan, address is Clonaderg.

An entry of marriage 12/02/1855 as follows Dyonyis Claffey & Ann Carroll is not correct, should be Denis Claffey & MARY Carroll and address is Corrmore.

20/06/1872 Michael, Esker, Stonemason, 40 yrs old, married, cause of death "Typhia".

16/07/1869 Brigid Claffey, Clonaderg, Widow, 88 yrs old, cause of death "Old age".

17/10/1869 Maria Claffey, Ferbane, Single, Smith's daughter, Aged 21 yrs, cause of death "Phthisis".

26/08/1871 Daniel Claffey, Ferbane, Aged 17 yrs, Smith's son, cause of death " Phthisis".

20/11/1867 Mary Claffey, Clonaderg, Labourer, widow, aged 72 yrs, cause of death "old age".

28/04/1867 Brigid Claffey, Springpark, Farmers daughter, aged 13 yrs, cause of death "erysipelas".

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