Monday, January 18, 2010

South Carolina Claffey

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James Henry Claffy's first wife was Mary Elizabeth Conlin who was 22 years old when married. She was born in Charleston. The marriage took place at St. Joseph's Church in Charleston. After her death, their only daughter was raised by her Aunt Annie Darby in Ft. Motte.

Friday, January 8, 2010

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Franklin County, Ohio
A fellow researcher has shared the following:
Tessa Claffey was born Tessa Nora Large 16 Oct 1896.
I cannot identify when she married William Claffey but they
are in the 1930 census with a horrendously transcribed
last name. They are listed in Franklin Co. Ohio as
William Edoffey, head, born 1896. Both parents born
in Ohio. Tessa born 1897, she and both parents born in KY.
Daughter Maryoret born 1920 age 10. Maryornet is
actually Margaret Ellen Claffey born 28 June 1919 in
Franklin Co. Ohio. Tessa died in Franklin Co. Ohio
16 June 1982 as a widow. I strongly believe her husband
is the William Claffey who died in Franklin Co. Ohio
12 Dec 1958. I have been unable to find them on the1920

This family is mentioned on the Ohio web page of
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jamaica, West Indies

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St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, West Indies
Need any information on Charles Adam Claffey
born 28 Dec 1883. He was the son of Mary
Ann Claffey born @ 1854. Mary Ann was the
daughter of James & Rebecca Mullins Claffey.