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Thomas Claffy b 1799 & Winifred Ford Higgins

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Descendents of this family continue to share additional information. See also
The Claffey Home Page, Locating your Claffey Ancestors, Illinois and pages 1 & 2 of obits.

Thomas Claffy b 1799
+Winifred Ford Higgins b 1809
-----Charles Claffy b 1843 d 1934
-----+Anna Gannon b 842 or 44 d 1937
----------Thomas James Claffy b 1870 d 1958
----------+Emily Gainford Grogan b 1873 d 1942
---------------Dorothy Margaret Claffy b 7 Aug 1900 d 24 Oct 1982
---------------Aileen Patricia Claffy b 1902 d May 1920
---------------Cecile Winifred Claffy b 17 Jan 1906 d 25 Feb 1981
---------------Imelda Claire Claffy b 28 Sep 1915 d 19 Feb 1997
---------------+Charles J. Rausch b 12 Aug 1913
----------John Michael Claffey b 1872 d 1965
----------+Margaret Magner Wagner b 1877
---------------Margaret Claffy
---------------+George Stehney
----------Charles Francis Claffy b 1874 d 1908
----------+Gertrude Fraley b 23 Dec 1875 d 1910
---------------Sylvene Ann Claffy b 4 Nov 1898 d 27 July 1964
---------------+Mathias VenderKloot b 1895 d 16 May 1958
---------------------Mary Louise VanderKloot b 30 Sep 1924 d 1997
---------------------+William Elliot Colburn b 16 Feb 1923 d 2000
---------------------Carol Marie VanderKloot b 12 Aug 1927
---------------------+Louis Lawrence Orlin
---------------------Cornelia VanderKloot b 27 Apr 1929 d 1959
---------------Charles Byron Claffy b 21 June 1900 d 27 Sec 1971
---------------+(1)Henrietta Memmesheimer d 1928
---------------------Helen Marie Claffy b 1926 d 5 July 2009
---------------------+Richard Berg
---------------+(2)Estelle Roberts d 1960
---------------Thomas Vernon Claffy b 8 July 1902 d 12 Apr 1947
---------------Leo Francis Claffy b 16 Feb 1904 d 1 Apr 1920
---------------Ralph Maurice Claffy b 2 Sep 1906 d 24 Feb 1975
---------------Ruth Marie Claffy b 2 Sep 1906 d 4 Dec 1982
---------------+Gregory Charles Brock
---------------John Edward (Jack) Claffy b 8 July 1908 d 1921
----------Edward Claffy b 1877 d 1886
----------Mary Elizabeth Claffy b 1879 d 1883)
----------Anne Winifred Claffy b 1882 d 1886
----------Joseph Andrew Claffy b 1884 d 1997
----------+Marie Agnes Mercil
---------------Mary Louise Claffy b 25 Jan 1913
---------------+Earl W. Sando b 5 Nov 1912
---------------Bernadette G. Claffy b 9 Oct 1914 d Oct 2006
---------------+Charles McGowan b 5 Nov 1918
---------------Joseph Andrew Claffy, Jr. b 31 May 1917
---------------+Jocelyn Ruth Tracht b 8 May 1919
---------------Robert Mercil Claffy b 15 July 1918 d 17 Jan 1986
---------------John F. Claffy
----------Edward Benedict Claffy b 1887 d 1953
----------+Anne Swaine b 4 June 1893 d 8 Feb 1974
---------------Robert Claffy
---------------Sally Ann Claffy b 28 Oct 1929
---------------+Roger Schmitz
---------------Edward W. Claffy b 23 Sep 1933
---------------+Margaret McGovern b 21 May 1934
-----Thomas Claffy b 18?? d 1924
-----Winifred Claffy b 1854 d 1885
Note that because genealogy data contains birthdate, maiden name, mother's maiden name, etc. we do not list living people to protect from identity theft.

Another Chicago researcher who is not a Claffy researcher often kindly sends me items of Claffy interest and he has shared an article from the April 25 1929 edition of the Chicago Evening American as follows:
Wed for 60 Years and Still Happy
With four sons, fifteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren to rejoice with them, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Claffy celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary yesterday in the home that has been theirs thirty-seven years.

The house is at 5922 Emerald ave. When the Claffys bought it, it was out in the country and they thought it would be a good place for the boys to grow up in. Since then the city has crowded in upon them and they are in the heart of a thickly settled neighborhood.

Mr. Claffy was born in Lemont, Ill., eighty-five years ago but moved to Chicago five years later. Mrs. Claffy was born in Buffalo, N.Y. They were married in1869 and their sons are John, Joseph, Edward and Thomas. The latter is an official of the department of health.

Photos accompanying the article show a happy couple (he with a full head of white hair) with the following captions: (1)Still in Love--Mr. and Mrs. Charles Claffy, 5922 Emerald av., celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary.(2) Mr. & Mrs. Charles Claffy, 5922 Emerald av., celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary yesterday. They are still sweathears and Mrs. Claffy doesen't really have to brandish a rolling pin to persuade him to wash the dishes.

A newspaper article by Dan Fogle dated 12 Dec 1936 shows their son Thomas J. Claffy who went to work for Chicago as a plumbing inspector in 1897. By 1903 he was head of the plumbing division of the sanitary bureau of the board of health.